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Manufactured in South-Africa, our products will meet the highest standards in quality and durability. 
Long lasting durability means more hours between broom changes. 

Our brooms will be ideal for tough roads such as asphalt, gravel, seal etc, whilst the bristles remain firm and flexible.

Tips and Techniques for your broom.

  • Keep broom level to optimize surface coverage and extend broom life
  • Do not exceed proper down pressure which will limit the “flick action” of the filament
  • Maintain consistent ground speed to prevent debris from piling up infront of the broom
  • Rotate your broom end-over-end during its useful cycle to help prevent the broom for coning

Broom basic tip!
The “flick action” is the movement of the broom bristle when in use, each strand “flicks” as the broom rotates, and flicking of the filament is required for best sweeping results

Proper down pressure
Improper downward pressure can decrease broom life, a broom sweeps with the tips of the bristles. When too much down pressure is applied the broom is no longer using it’s tips, the broom is now working with the sides of the bristles. This limits the “flicking action” of the bristles and limits its sweeping effectiveness and shortens the life of the broom.

About Polypropylene

Typically the longest lasting filament and it’s used for sweeping in all seasons, poly filament provides maximum “flick action”. Due to better flexibility under routine sweeping conditions, when sweeping tough roads such as asphalt, gravel, sand etc.

Understanding your needs, we will assist you in selecting the right wafer for your specific application.

• Road Construction
• Mining
• Landscaping
• Tow behinds

Construction, Road and Rental Sweepers

Would you like to rent a mechanical sweeper for a specific project? We offer our sweepers with or without operator anywhere in South Africa. Ultra Sweepers are robust machines with the power and weight to move heavy road material. Our machines are maintained to OEM specifications and supported in the field by our highly skilled in-house mechanics, which ensures maximum availability and utilization of the machinery. If you wish to learn more about Ultra Sweepers, please visit www.ultrasweepers.co.za or contact us at info@usweep.co.za.




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